Blogs, exciting and new...

…come aboard—I’m expecting you.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to welcome you aboard the good ship ZeppaBlog, a place where I shall put down my thoughts as they occur to me, as well as a place where I can shill my book, The Creeps,to get me some of that sweet, sweet eReader cash. 

Speaking of: 

The Creeps is now available on Amazon for Kindle download and free check-out from their lending-library, so download your 9 copies today! 

See how easy that plug was? Just a few strokes on the keyboard and BANG—instant self-promotion. You are a lucky audience indeed.

Seeing as how it’s October and The Creeps was written to get you into a trick-or-treating kind of mood, my plan was to use this space as an outlet for reviewing some Halloween-type things before it devolves into the normal ramblings about television I’ve watched recently and jokes made at Paul McCartney’s expense (please see almost every blog posted on The Roar myspace page), but as my track-record shows, I am unable to keep anything brief, so the next posting will be given to you in two versions.

Version 1: The correct way to post an entry, which is to keep it short and to the point.

Version 2: The ZeppaBlog way to post an entry, which is to keep it long and self-indulgent. You’ve heard of people who are in love with their own voices? I’m in love with my own words, and I will hammer you with them until you surrender to my point of view.

I mean, you folks like options, right? Sure you do—this is first-world Western society in the 21st Century, dammit, and we’re all entitled to having whatever we want in any way we want it! This is no different than asking for an extra shot of espresso in your Civet-blend red eye, or a glossier finish to your pet’s shampoo—now with flavor crystals!

So read on, beloved disciple, and let me kill some time for you, be it ten seconds, or twenty minutes. The choice is yours—don’t screw it up.