No Sleepwalking Allowed (or, How The Unnatural Adore A Vacuum)

In his first year in office as President, Donald Trump has had a hard time of being perceived as Presidential. So when a moment arises in which he simply has to say a handful of words that every American should agree with, you'd think he'd say them. He likes it when people like what he says - it's kind of his thing. So when he does not take advantage of a moment in which almost everyone will like what he says, that should tell you something. The thing this should tell you is that he supports the people he should be denouncing.

This should have been a gimme for the President - no one with any sense of morality would disagree with a condemnation of white supremacy. This is a man who normally cannot stop talking, yet he was silent over this? It means this is exactly what it looks like. Do not be distracted by today's reluctant statement. Be distracted by two days of no statement. The two days in which silence reigned did more to boost the bigotry in question than anything in recent memory. This was a Presidential stamp of approval.

This is a time that will be captured in a bottle. This bottle is what the future will judge us by. It is not enough to shrug in response, there must be an outcry. No matter how you voted in 2016, this is the time in which you must wake yourself from the sleepwalk. This is not right/left, this is right/wrong. If this movement is not stopped here and now, it will lead to a catastrophic devolution of the Union. President Trump's refusal to condemn white supremacists by name is an endorsement of white supremacy. If you endorse President Trump with your vote in 2020 and with your words today, you are now endorsing white supremacy.

This is the opportunity to stop this movement where it is - history teaches us that a failure to do so will result in violence soaking its way into the fabric of our culture. Refuse the normalization of violence. Refuse the normalization of bigotry. I refuse these things, and I refuse to stand by any person who will stand by this President.