Shocktober Leaveth

Well, yeah, those last blargs were late, what did you expect? That is how hard we do Halloween around these parts. And yeah, we're backdating - what good is time travel if you can't backdate!?

Our time traveling adventure is complete for this year, and I hope you all learned next to nothing. Also, a special thank you to those who helped support the audiobook, I appreciate your patronage. Also - who's to say Halloween needs to end right this second? Why couldn't we do a Halloween In December-type of thing, huh? We can and we will. Or, rather, you will. And while I have had a wonderful time almost engaging with you here, I must now depart in order to get back to the business of getting back to business.

unCivil lives on, and you shall hear its name uttered once more, sooner rather than later. Also, I have no doubt you've been wondering what happened to our heroes, Elyse, Will, and Colin, correct? The next step of their story will be written down for your eyes to read, and that's all I can say about it at this point. Mystery abounds!

Since blogs and blargs rappel backwards, down the cliff-face of time, may you future readers please benefit from this, a table of contents from the past. Bottoms up:

Justin Zeppa's Time Traveling 31 Days of Halloween Daze Days. Yes, This Is Happening:

October 1st: Full House
October 2nd: Perfect Strangers
October 3rd: Mr. Belvedere
October 4th: The Andy Griffith Show
October 5th: Kate & Allie
October 6th: 3rd Rock From the Sun
October 7th: The Brady Bunch
October 8th: Step By Step
October 9th: Growing Pains
October 10th: My So-Called Life
October 11th: The Beverly Hillbillies
October 12th: My Three Sons
October 13th: Eerie, Indiana
October 14th: The Secret World of Alex Mack
October 15th: Living Single
October 16th: Boy Meets World
October 17th: Girl Meets World
October 18th: Pretty Little Liars
October 19th: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
October 20th: Blossom
October 21st: Night Court
October 22nd: Will & Grace
October 23rd: Family Matters
October 24th: Bewitched
October 25th: ALF
October 26th: Home Improvement
October 27th: Roseanne
October 28th: Encyclopedia Brown
October 29th: Even Stevens
October 30th: Murder, She Wrote
October 31st: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Skip all this shit!